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Stephen Graham stars in adidas SPEZIAL’s ethereal spot

By wash
06th February, 2023
1 min read
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“The energy here is so tangible” 

In the breathtaking Icelandic vistas, Stephen Graham explores the country's rich cultural heritage with Adidas Spezial. 

This place is filled with stories and mythology, relayed by iconic Icelandic artists Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson (collaborator of Björk and Jane Campion) and Fridrik Thor Fridriksson (Oscar-nominated director of Children of Nature). They discuss waterfalls that are portals to other realms, and the ravens that gather knowledge for Odin, Norse god of wisdom.

Fully immersed, Graham plunges into the inky black waters, traverses volcanic beaches and reflects on the setting's intrinsic link to local folklore and tradition.

Wash’s Lead Colourist, Jon Dobson, graded this spot - breathing life into the already striking visuals of the Scandinavian landscape. He said:
“Working on this film with Nick and the team at &Son was brilliant. We really wanted to make the most of the extraordinary nordic light in the grade, while  retaining an overall film emulation look. I’m really happy with the outcome, it's a beautiful film.”

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